We are experts in our field designing completely customised web-based, distributed or stand-alone software applications which are created specifically with the requirements of your business in mind. With vast experience in a diverse range of industries, our bespoke software development solutions consistently exceed the expectations of our customers, whether it’s a small to medium sized company, we create bespoke software which solves those complex, unique problems that off-the-shelf software just cannot address.

Not only do we develop the our software from scratch, we also manage the implementation process ensuring it is smoothly embedded within your company processes. We offer on-site and remote training as well as on-going telephone support direct from our expert team, that dont just know the product, its the same team that built the product. Our in-depth understanding of web development and the Internet gives us a significant head start when developing your software or website, allowing us to transfer our competitive edge to you!

Alot of our smaller to medium sized customer also rely on Savvy Media for professional IT support.We are experienced in managing and supporting computer systems for businesses of all sizes.  We understand how important it is for business owners and managers to feel that their IT Systems are operating efficiently and most importantly that their Data is secure and in the event of a disaster recoverable.  With the dramatic increase in mobile devices particularly with remote access requirements the whole area of having secured and efficient system integration for your devices has become the number one priority for many business owners.  With so many disparate manufacturers and software developers it is vital that devices and applications can work in sync.

Savvy Media offers a complete range of IT services, for consultancey to routine maintenance and most of all recovery, we aim to give you the most effective service levels combined in a fast and friendly time and fashion, that will allow you to concentrate on running the rest of your business. Our teamof highly skilled technical support consultants work with clients to ensure security systems and products operate effectively, deliver their promised protections, and are brought back online as quickly as possible with minimal disruption.